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Ithacannabis Liquid gold 600

Our most popular product for staying healthy, balanced, and feeling great. Keep things simple with 120 servings of 5mg CBD, taken at twice a day.

IthaCannabis liquid gold 900

Looking for relief from tension, worry, pain, and sleepless nights? Look no further. With our 60-day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, we give our word you will be feeling better. 120 servings of 7.5mg, twice a day, will get you on the road to recovery.

Ithacannabis liquid gold 1800

Our strongest concentration for you or loved ones facing daily health challenges. Fight to be free with our heaviest hitter. Our 1800 Liquid Gold provides a whopping 120 servings of 15mg CBD twice daily.


When Pigs Fly

This would have been my reaction if someone had suggested that one day I would be selling a hemp product to anyone, let alone helping other people set up their own industrial hemp based businesses. To discover after taking heavy pharmaceuticals for years that they could be replaced by a little bottle of CBD oil and some CBD topical cream has been a revolutionizing life event. Have you ever discovered something so good you couldn't wait to share it with other people? That is how I feel about Cannabis products and the seemingly unlimited possibilities they offer. From pain relief to improved cognitive function, CBD has saved me.

Vegetarian marathon runners aren't supposed to lose their health. I was supposed to live and move and thrive in my thirties and the decades to come. I felt I was making all of the "right" choices. I didn't smoke, I didn't drink, I exercised regularly by running miles nearly everyday. I had no idea that a disaster was on the horizon and it would change everything. It would take away my plans and change my dreams. It would turn my loving husband, Brian, from a partner into a caregiver. It would take away my beautiful mind. A mind that I felt could save me from anything. I never know powerlessness until my body, over eager to fight, starting fighting itself. (Shameless plug, check out my MS and medical marijuana blog here.)

Recently a colleague and mentor of ours learned that my MS had progressed over Christmastime, 2017. He kindly sent a gift of CBD oil for me to try in hopes that it would help alleviate some my symptoms. The CBD oil was incredibly effective in reducing my pain, spasticity, nausea, and other symptoms. I went from suffering from MS to living with MS.

Impressed, Brian's curiosity got the better of him and decided to try using some for himself. For him it has greatly improved how he experiences stress and anxiety and enhanced his focus. His quality of sleep has improved and he is losing a few extra pounds.

Sarah has been a practicing bodyworker for over a decade and Brian is not far behind. We have never been tempted to carry a product in our private practices until now. We have never seen anything so helpful to both people and pets in elevating their overall health.

Full spectrum CBD products are the real deal and it's LEGAL in all 50 states! No THC (no high) and all the health benefits of Cannabinoids you've read about over the years. 


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