IthaCannabis is proudly carrying Etha™ Natural Botanicals Kratom. We’ve found their commitment to the highest production standards and healthy communities unmatched. Please visit their website to learn more about this life changing plant and see the entire line of products they offer.


Sarah, COO IthaCannabis

“I was vegetarian and a marathon runner when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I felt betrayed by my own body and lost faith in any form of natural medicine. I threw myself into the arms of western doctors and soon found myself on nine separate “symptom control” pharmaceuticals. I suffered greatly from the side effects of these medications.

After two years of relying on western medical treatments, my health continued to decline. I was introduced to CBD, and my life would be forever changed. Using CBD helped me get off five of the nine medications, but it didn’t always stop the pain, fatigue, and brain fog that debilitated me on my worst days.

I was introduced to Kratom after watching a documentary. I learned how it could be used to relieve pain and mood disorders. That night I drove down to a “head shop” and bought my first bottle of Kratom. Within thirty minutes not only did I feel better, I felt normal, MS-free. Something I haven’t been able to say in many years.

The production of this nutritional supplement is unregulated, just like CBD products. I knew what I had bought at the local shop was tainted, and I knew what to look for to find a quality product.

Etha Botanicals is the only company I found in the entire country that meets FDA standards. I take Etha Natural Botanicals’ Kratom every day. Now, I feel like a healthy, young adult nearly every single day. I’ve been able to stop taking eight out of nine prescription medications and take a minimal amount of the last one. I am ecstatic to have found a company like Etha Natural Botanicals. They offer all of us an excellent product and an incredible vision of natural health for all of us.”