When we decided that we were going to upend our lives and open a CBD business, we knew it was going to be a wild ride. We already had a very successful Rolfing® practice with Finger Lakes Rolfing® so the idea of entering this brand new industry seemed daunting and slightly rediculous. However, CBD had become so much a part of our family feeling alive and healthy again, we very much wanted to share our golden discovery. Here are some of the stories bringing CBD to folks who needed help.


Pain Relief - Shelly B 

My Grandfather who is 86 was electrocuted in his 30s.
Electricity went thru his leg and out his eye. He is in excruciating pain and spends most of his days rocking back and forth in severe pain. He decided to try the 1500 mg as of last night. I spoke with him today on the phone and he said the spasms in his body are ceasing and he is elated in the cbd oil now. He was out of options and to his surprise he's getting relief he hasn't had in years!! Unbelievable!!!
*My grandmother in the picture below has Alzheimer's and we have started a regimen for her also now. We are expecting good results with her also!


Pet Skin Allergy Relief - Sally J

I am happy to report that Charlies itchy skin allergies are under control with the CTFO CBD pet chews and we are no longer taking the Apoquel from the vet. YAY!!

We started out giving him half his apoquel and a half CBD chew in the mornings, now after 3 weeks he gets 1 chew in the morning and is comfortable and happy. All drugs seem to come with so many unintended consequences, I much rather care for my sweet Charlie naturally with CBD and it's actually good for him. I highly recommend trying the Pet Chews, He just Loves them 🐕🐩🐈🐱

I also have the pet oral spray on hand if he starts chewing his feet. Not every day, but it's nice to have on hand

Chantel B.

Deep Healing Pain Cream w/Emu Oil & Chronic Hip Pain

My personal testimonial today!! 💚
This deep healing pain cream is the BOMB!!
I've used doctor recommended, Chinese herbs and OTC pain creams ... But this CBD Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil took my hip pain away, which has been bothering me for a few months now. I asked my hubs to rub it on for me last night, sitting all day it was hurting. I also had a headache that seemed to be all across my forhead. I put the pain cream on my forehead while he rubbed it into my hip. Within minutes I felt the tension release in my head, I could relax. And my hip, since I was in bed I couldn't tell if the pain went away last night. But this morning I feel like I never had any hip pain!!! And that's after only one time use! I'm doing the happy dance. I can't even believe how amazing these products work!!

I also liked the texture, smooth, creamy easy to rub into the skin and the scent is not over bearing either. I highly recommend this product anyone experiencing muscle pain, joint pain, migraines..etc.

You don't have to live in pain or rely on prescription drugs to feel good!!! There's all natural solutions that work wonders!! 

Anxiety and Depression - Kathy R.
"I have dealt with anxiety and depression for years And have been using the CBD oil daily since the middle of January. Since using the oil I have not had any bouts of uncontrolled anxiety or depression. My days have been pretty smooth and outlook on life very positive. I’ve also noticed a difference in energy through the day. I used to have serious bouts of no energy at all in the afternoon and early evening. I have literally fallen asleep sitting up. All that has pretty much faded since using the oils. But sometimes life smacks you around when you least expect it. 
I made a call to a customer service office to ask a question and somehow a simple call took a wrong turn. I was very upset with the call and my anxiety level went to a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.
After hanging up I called back to speak to a manager but I was unable to control my emotions (hurt feelings, not anger)while asking a different rep for a manger. When I was put on hold I remembered I had something that could help. Anxiety and Stress relief spray to the rescue!!! Not only did it calm me down within 2 to 3 minutes but it also saved the manager from having to deal with me while hyper-ventilating and crying. I was able to stay fairly calm and breath while talking to him. I was also able to continue with my day. In the past, an episode like that would drain all my energy I would be done for the day. Sometimes you get blind-sided and a peaceful day is turned upside down. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m armed with CBD !"