Sarah's Medical Marijuana Progress Report

Now that my sponsor is gone, my Medical Marijuana is working.


     So because God has a wonderful sense of humor, my medical marijuana started to work on my pain the same day my sobriety sponsor left. It took almost ten weeks of use before that promise came true. I can hardly remember what my life was like before medical marijuana. To be fair, I was taking a lot of Valium, which may explain the not remembering part.

     Here is my list of symptoms medical marijuana has relieved in part or in entirety:

  1.  My spasticity, my biggest symptom, has been 100% relieved. 
  2. I am calmer. 
  3. Cognitively, I am more aware and my memory recall is greatly improved.
  4. I am losing weight.
  5. My nausea is gone.
  6. My chronc headache is gone.
  7. Most of the time I can feel the left side of my body. 
  8. The quality of my sleep is much better.
  9. I have more energy and stamina.
  10. I am happier. In fact, I fell happy most of the time.
  11. The incredible pain in my back is being relieved. 
  12. Th aphasia, trouble speaking, has improved.
  13. I haven't had one MS hug. (Google that one, it's weird.
gorilla hug.jpg



     Here are somethings which I have lost or still can't do well:

  1. I can rarely drive a car safely or I have to carefully plan my medications so I can.
  2. Telephone conversations are still difficult for me. 
  3. The attention span to read books has not returned.
  4. I still can't lift anything heavy.
  5. I lost my best friend, my sobriety sponsor.

     How am I doing on my ultimate goal of cutting down on my meds?

  1. I am tapering down and hopefully off of my Tegretol. I hope to be free by the end of summer.
  2. I am tapering of Valium. I hope to be free by the end of June.
  3. I am tapering off of Codeine. I hope to be free by the end of May.
  4. I am off Gabapentin!
  5. I am off of NSAIDS!

    I didn't share my diagnosis for a long time. I didn't have to, I could keep it hidden completely. I didn't want people to have MS as their second thought of me. I can imagine the conversations of those who know me.

    I imagine one friend says, "Hey, I ran into Sarah today."

    Imaginary friend two, "Sarah? Which Sarah?"

    "You know, Sarah with MS"

     "Oh, that Sarah."

    "MS Sarah", not the title I have been hoping to be known by. Don't get me wrong, it's a fabulous card to play. If I forget your name, I can blame MS. If I don't attend social events, it's MS. (Well, to be fair, it usually really is.) I have a get out of jail free card and I use it, but dammit, it was a card I was dealt (and would prefer to return). 


     The most unexpected benefit is the love and support I have received from all of you. I honestly don't know if I can stay on MM. It's really expensive. Thank to many of you, sending cards with checks or slipping a twenty or a even a fifty in my pocket, I can continue taking my meds for now. It's one day at a time, right?

  So, in order to solve the money problem, I came up with the only solution that made any kind of sense, I started dealing drugs. (It's ok, I have MS.) More about that next time.